Adolescent Counseling

Certainly some of the greatest challenges as parents are presented to us as our kids approach adolescence in our society today.  Peers, Technology, Social Media and Environmental factors captures their attention early through middle and high school.  Research has showed us many great opportunities to connect with our children and strategies that will be useful in dealing with our rapidly growing world we live in.

The trouble is, if we don’t teach them, others may.

We provide parents with a unique plan to help guide teens toward a productive and wonderful parent/child experience.

Our job as parents is the most difficult ever.

There are 3 factors at work here.

  1. Behaviors:the way the child chooses to behave
    2. Process:the way in which the child processes information
    3. Communication: the way in which parents and children communicate
  2. We provide adolescent counseling services only under the following guidelines.

This is a combined effort. All of the interested parties are expected to participate. This includes parents, the counselor, the doctor, the school and the extended family, should this apply. We are all to head in the same direction.

Parental involvement means a commitment to attending 6 sessions. Three sessions focus on learning a specific behavioral program to be put in place in the home. Three family sessions with your child focus on learning new ways to communicate.

At the same time, the adolescent will attend individual sessions with the counselor to deal with issues of process.
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